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Bombyx, or “the silk butterfly of the mulberry tree” is the final stage within the life cycle of the larva or ‘silk worm’. Bombyx is dedicated to the precious silk this fascinating creature produces, a revered material fixed at the core of the Jim Thompson brand. Jim Thompson’s Bombyx is a place imbued with ambience, an atmosphere created by both the JT stylistic expression and vision of an artist. It is the relationship between Mr. Jim Thompson, creativity and Thai culture that marks the spirit of Bombyx and the ensuing experience. Art is in a continuous state of flux, making the environment ephemeral and unique. With each new artistic installation Bombyx metamorphoses, while the spirit and physical space remain. In Jim Thompson’s vast world, art and silk are in a perpetual state of evolution.


It is of the silk worm (Bombyx’s) nature to metamorphose into a butterfly. True to his original inspiration, Jim Thompson’s Bombyx restaurant is transforming as well. The contrast between nature and culture, which defines many manifestations of the brand, is being expressed through the architectural concept of the restaurant. Lush green leaves are deliberately juxtaposed to, or even pop out of, a green iridescent silk wall. Featured throughout the space, on the silk curtains and table tops, the black, green and cream geometric design illustrates the same harmonious coexistence between bustling urban culture and serene nature. Accessories, like the back mirror and the newly designed lamps, are new brightening elements which enhance the new dynamic and lively ambience of the restaurant. Together with the upgraded lighting, the newly designed chairs are essential to an exceptionally comfortable experience. The music and menu have been revisited and a new Thai art installation is coming soon to perfect this exciting transformation.


In keeping with the ever-changing and evolving space, our international-award-winning chef has meticulously selected a delicious array of new contemporary Thai dishes, always incorporating a variety of Thai herbs, fresh local ingredients and the finest quality imported meats. Many dishes have been subtly fused with Western flavours, adding a contemporary twist to Thai classics. The menu also boasts an impressive exhibition of colour, using only natural ingredients to create picture perfect food. These bright dishes mirror the lustrous colours of Jim Thompson’s classic Thai silk, as well as the exotic hues commonly found in Thailand’s rich nature.


An extensive selection of savoury dishes are available at Bombyx. One signature dish we would love you to try is Meing Tuna Kratong Thong. The delicacy consists of delicate crispy flower-shaped cups filled with a spicy Tuna salad. The freshly imported tuna is complimented by a selection of Thai herbs and a delicious homemade dressing. To accompany this dish we have a range of delectable desserts and a cocktail menu with everything from tropical infused to colonial classics.


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