Jim Thompson Restaurant introduces “Zaab Nua Premium Beer & Funky Molam”, two nights of Isaan feasts with live music from famous Molam DJs.


Savour a variety of northeastern favorites, from grilled pork belly dipped in jim jaew sauce to more exotic options like roasted and spiced silk pupa swimming in lemongrass curry, while taking a sip of our selection of premium beer from Boonrawd Brewery.


Expect some plain old good northeastern staples like somtum, Isaan sausages, northern sausages, and free-range chicken curry with lemongrass. The event also serves more exotic options for adventurous foodies like pla wong thord—crispy-fried mixed fish featuring fins and tails from rays — and paddy frog curry with lemongrass.


Grab a cold pitcher of beers at anytime during the event, from notable beer brands like Singha, Corona, and Leo to My Beer, Kronenbourg, Snowy Weizen, and Asahi.


Fans of molam can experience hours of entertainment with globe-trotting DJ Maf Sai and DJ Kanehbos, who will take turns spinning their funky tracks on both evenings. They are the frontrunners of the molam scene and have made their debut at the international level with their personal twists on Thai traditional music.


For more information, call 02-215-3636 ext.242 or e-mail restaurant.sg@jimthompson.com


Ticket : Early bird THB 900 and Regular THB 990.