The à la carte menu follows a culinary journey meticulously crafted by the talented Executive Chef Pepe, renowned for his expertise from multiple award-winning kitchens around the world.

The Massaman

One of our Signature Dishes, Slow-cooked organic lamb shank in Massaman Curry, a Thai curry with Indian and Malay influences. It features a rich, aromatic sauce with coconut milk, roasted peanuts, and a blend of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cumin. Glazed with lamb jus and served over massaman parmentier, glazed shallots, purple potato chips, and fermented coconut cream.

Jasmine Wagyu

Premium Isan Local Jasmine Wagyu Striploin beef, marinated in the Chef’s Thai secret sauce, full of aroma and taste, is grilled with khao kua. It’s served on the side with a seasonal Chiang Mai fruit and herbal salad, accompanied by coconut mint Nahm Jim seafood.

Our Tom Kha

Slow-cooked organic egg served with a smoky Tom Kha foam made with homemade chicken bacon and Royal Project Cow cheese. Served with classic aromatics, including kaffir lime powder, breadcrumb chili oil, crispy galangal, and chives.

Jim’s Favorite Chu Chee

A Thai-inspired seafood delight, featuring crispy deep-fried seasonal fish enveloped in creamy chu chee curry sauce. Enhanced by salted pineapple and aromatic curry leaves, it delivers a symphony of flavors and textures on every plate.

Thai Harvest Haven – Farm-to-Table

Our seasonal veggies dance in the wok, perfectly stir-fried to capture their essence. Brace yourself for the thrill of our zesty chili sauce, enhanced by the satisfying crunch of crispy garlic. But the adventure doesn’t stop there – prepare to be enchanted by the allure of cured duck egg yolk infused with paprika, adding depth to every bite.

Koh Lanta’s Crab Cannelloni

Inspired by the traditional Italian dish, we created a Thai version with local blue crab meat and crab roe from Ko Lanta. Our special ‘Lon’ relish is made with coconut, and we make it extra special by using freshly squeezed coconut cream every day and adding seasonal herbs from Chiang Mai’s Green Garden. A unique That twist that adds magic to the dish

Sabai Sabai ‘Khai Jeow’

We’ve given a twist to the classic Thai omelet! Taking it easy or ‘sabai sabai’ in Thai, we’ve created a laid-back version cooked on one side. This unique dish features crispy potatoes, aromatic olive oil, zesty piparras, topped with grilled spring onion to give it a smoky kick. Dive into this medley of flavors, including Thai guanciale, delectable crab, and a touch of spicy chili peppers.

Inky Pad Thai

Introducing a unique take on a well-known Thai favorite: Squid Ink Pad Thai, served with deep-fried squid, chorizo, and pickles. Enjoy this classic Thai dish, re-interpreted by our culinary team to the next level. A wow experience!

Gai Yang Korat

Jim Thompson spent considerable time in Korat. We proudly present one of the region’s favorite and much-loved dishes: Marinated and Smoky Charcoal-Grilled Baby Chicken. This dish is served with a side of deep-fried papaya salad and organic sticky rice, infused with chicken broth.

Tom Sab Ped

Elevate your taste buds with our Thai Spicy Clear Soup, now enhanced with local organic duck. Bursting with aroma and vibrancy, this dish hails from Isan and showcases a clear, tangy, and spicy broth. A delightful blend of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, shallots, chili peppers, and lime juice awaits. Our creative twist brings Chef Pepe’s rich chicken-based stock into the mix, reminiscent of Ramen broth, reimagined as an iconic Isan delight. Served with organic duck legs, tomatoes, seasonal mushrooms, and the nutty touch of Khao Khua, it’s a symphony of ancient and modern flavors.

Our Khao Pad ‘Socarrat’

Discover a culinary masterpiece that transforms fried rice into a whole new experience. Picture crispy socarrat paella rice blended with fermented golden seabass from Koh Lanta. Topped with zesty lime aioli, smooth pork lard, and pickled crab meat, this dish offers a thrilling mix of textures and flavors. The subtle kick of piparras peppers adds excitement to each bite. It’s more than fried rice - it’s a voyage of tradition and innovation.

Brioche Toast with Pickled Mackerel, Thai Escalivada, Cream Cheese

Our Thai-inspired Tomato Namprik and Escalivada is an explosion of flavors. This classic dish features vegetables cooked in ashes, which infuses a smoky essence. Paired with organic Pla Raa from Udon Thani, it’s a taste that captures the heart of Isan cuisine. Our Mahachai Thai Mackerel is delicately infused in olive oil, accompanied by Coconut Cheese Cream and Crispy Brioche.

Mieng Kham Iberico

Experience our interactive Thai appetizer wrapped in betel leaves. ‘Mieng Kham’ translates as ‘eating many things in one bite,’ which captures its array of flavors. This dish blends Chef Pepe’s personal favorites with global inspirations, bringing together organic Iberico pork, Koh Panyi’s shrimp, Basque Piparras, and Andalusian sherry pickles crafted from local veggies.

A Culinary Journey from Ayutthaya to Malaysia

A nostalgic tribute to Jim Thompson’s heritage and inspired by his Malaysian travels, this dish features succulent river prawn from Ayutthaya, grilled to perfection. Served alongside an aromatic herbal salad and a Penang-style yellow curry, and accompanied by classic roti bread – a favorite with the curry-loving Muslim community that has long embraced Jim’s legacy on the Silk Road.

Must-Try Wafer!!

One of the signature dishes at Jim Thompson, a Thai restaurant, is our Duck Egg Custard Waffle Sandwich. This dessert features a classic nutty flavored duck egg custard, served within a crispy waffle sandwich. Accompanied by duck egg custard ice cream and garnished with crispy shallots, it’s a delightful combination of textures and tastes.

Bang Krua

We create this dessert to homage the Thai silk weavers in Bang Krua, a Cham Muslim community in Bangkok, supplied silk to Jim Thompson when he started his Thai silk company in 1948.Caramelized coconut roti mille-feuille served with seasonal fruit preserves, three types of coconut, whipped cream, sorbet & crumble, som-saa zest, and sesame tuile.

THE OSS Adventures

Celebrating Mr. Jim’s travels through Southern Europe and Issan, our dessert features homemade ladyfinger biscuits, Chiang Mai mascarpone, banana Issan rum ice cream, and Royal project coffee. It’s a unique blend of flavors inspired by the OSS’s journey from Southern Europe to Issan.