Our kitchens expertly bring together our first class chefs with the finest culinary skills and the choicest local ingredients to provide the very best experience of traditional and innovative Thai cuisine, from sweet and sour tones to creamy coconut curries.

Yam Woon Sen

Glass noodle salad with minced pork and prawns, roasted peanuts in a spicy lime dressing

240 THB
Gai Phad Med Ma Moung

Wok-fried chicken with cashew nuts, bell peppers and roasted chili paste

280 THB
Khao Phad Sappalot Goong

Pineapple fried curried rice with fresh
shrimp, chicken, onions and black
raisins served in a pineapple

280 THB
Tom Yam Goong

Hot and sour prawn soup with fresh prawns, mushrooms, birds-eye chilies, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass

280 THB
Gaeng khew wan gai/neau

Green curry with chicken or beef, Thai eggplant & sweet basil

250 THB / 280 THB
Gaeng Mussaman Gai

Thai Mussaman curry with chicken, potatoes, onions & peanuts

280 THB
Poh Pia Goong Tod

Deep-fried Thai spring rolls with prawns and mixed vegetables and Chinese chives

220 THB
Phad Thai Goong Sod

Stir fried rice noodles with fresh prawns, eggs, fried garlic and Chinese chives

260 THB
Khao Niow Ma-Moung

Fragrant yellow mango with sweet sticky rice kissed with a rich, creamy coconut milk

220 THB