The O.S.S. Bar

Step into a clandestine realm where the spirit of adventure and mystery converge, paying tribute to the enigmatic life of Jim Thompson as a silk entrepreneur and his connection to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

With an ambience that exudes sophistication through vintage décor, opulent fabrics, discreet corners, and subtle nods to Thompson's espionage endeavors, guests can indulge in a meticulously curated cocktail menu that pays homage to his incredible journey as an intelligence officer, as well as to pivotal moments and iconic characters in his life.

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Our Story

The O.S.S. BAR presents an extraordinary concept inspired by the legendary figure, Jim Thompson, and the captivating realm of espionage. Step into a clandestine dimension where adventure and mystery intertwine, paying tribute to Jim Thompson’s legacy as a silk entrepreneur and his remarkable affiliation with the Office of Strategic Services.

Guests will be transported to a bygone era of intrigue, surrounded by vintage décor, opulent fabrics, and subtle nods to Thompson’s endeavors — a photograph here, an artifact there, each serving as a reminder of his remarkable life.

Discreet, dimly lit corners provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of secrets and adventures to unfold.

Our skilled mixologists have masterfully created a range of inventive concoctions from classic cocktails to spirit-forward libations, drawing inspiration from the exotic locations that Thompson’s missions may have taken him to, as well as pivotal moments and iconic figures in his life.

For those intrigued by the final chapter of Jim Thompson’s life, we offer ‘Mystery’ – an aptly named, bespoke cocktail drink inspired

by the enigmatic disappearance of the man himself on that fateful Easter Sunday of 1967. Just like the unresolved puzzle surrounding the event, this one-of-a-kind concoction remains a surprise for all those curious enough to order it.

Immerse yourself in live performances that evoke a sense of mystery and suspense, ranging from live jazz bands to DJs. Join us for an unforgettable evening of mystique, where each sip and moment carries you on an expedition through the captivating world of Jim Thompson and the extraordinary OSS BAR experience.