The Mystery

On Easter Sunday, March 26, Thompson was visiting friends in the Highlands. After attending morning services at the nearby All Souls’ Church, they retired to their Moonlight cottage. At 1.30pm, Thompson left for a walk on his own — never to return — launching the largest manhunt Malaysia has ever known.

Moonlight Cottage

Moonlight Cottage is located in Cameron Highlands, one of the highlights of which is its tea plantations which produce some of Malaysia’s finest tea. Among them, the most well-known is Boh Tea Plantation, offering a panoramic views of the sprawling tea estates.

Operation Forth

During World War II, Jim Thompson spent a significant portion of the war working with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in North Africa and Europe. THE OSS operated in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, which were part of the North African theater of operations during World War II. The OSS worked closely with local resistance groups, provided intelligence to the Allied command, and carried out covert operations against Axis forces in the region.


The mainstays of the establishment were the Chinese cook K.Tun, and the houseboy K.YEE, both of whom adjusted without apparent difficulty to Thompson’s unpredictable social life. They work a system of sign language.

The House On the Klong

When Jim 'Thompson decided to build his house on a canal in Bangkok
in the 1950's, he created a small architectural treasure - his "House on the
Klong. Even after his mysterious disappearance in the jungles of Malaya,
his unique teak home has continued to welcome guests in an environment
that showcases the best of Thai and Asian art and architecture.

C 47

Due to the United States’ refusal to recognize Thailand’s declaration of war in 1942, Thompson and his party arrived in Bangkok not as conquerors but as liberating friends. Jim Thompson arrives in Thailand with C-47 aircraft, an enduring and versatile transport plane famous for its role in World War II, his role was to organized the Bangkok OSS office.


In 1945, he was transferred to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), where preparations were underway to invade Thailand, which was technically at war with the Allies. However, Japan’s sudden surrender eliminated the need for invasion.


Jim Thompson’s maternal grandfather, James Harrison Wilson, was indeed a prominent figure and a general in the United States Army. Wilson was a Union general during the American Civil War and played a significant role in several important battles. He was fascinated by his grandad, who would give him candy.