Our Story

Our Story


Jim Thompson was renowned for his excellent hosting skills and generous hospitality. Writers, diplomats and even Hollywood stars all flocked to dine at his table to enjoy not just Thompson’s great company but to sample the myriad of delectable Thai delicacies served; some of which are now treasured dishes globally.


At our Jim Thompson restaurants, Jim’s legacy is preserved and diners are warmly invited to come and experience this for themselves.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to choose from a vast, traditional Thai menu made from an array of only the freshest ingredients. Innovative western dishes also feature, giving diners the option for the perfect infusion of cultures. Whilst soaking up the exceptional ambience, it is our desire that diners are transported back to the magic present at Thompson’s own dinner table. Our kitchens expertly bring together our first class chefs with the finest culinary skills and the choicest local ingredients to provide the very best experience of traditional and innovative Thai cuisine, from sweet and sour tones to creamy coconut curries.